Kait Hoehne

Using web development, photo and video to share truly multimedia stories.

Hello - I'm Kait.

I love telling powerful stories well.

I am a journalistwith a background in photography.

I studied photography and journalism for a reason: I really believe that educational, accessible and fun stories can make a difference.


I am adaptableconfident in multiple mediums.

I am fascinated by multi-platform and multi-media content. I love using code to bring new dimensions to a story.


I am curiousmixed with a healthy level of stubborn.

I love to learn. Whatever problem needs to be solved, I'll unravel it. I'm not afraid to ask for help or to ask questions.

Years of Experience
Languages - CompSci and Cultural
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Weddings & Events


UW Madison: Looking Back

Photography, Kait & the Badger

Works in Progress

Javascript & PHP

"A mind which really lays hold of a subject is not easily detached from it." - Ida Tarbell



Some kind words from editors, co-workers and collaboraters.

Kait Vosswinkel was one of the best reporters and editors we have had at the Madison Commons, a strong writer, reliable, and accurate. Her multimedia work brought a new dimension to the site.

Lewis Friedland Director, Center for Communication & Democracy - Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism

I've been lucky enough to work with Kait multiple times, and her broad skill set and passion for her craft shows through in all of her projects. Not only is she an incredibly talented multi-media professional, but her kind and easy-going personality makes her a joy to work with!

Jennifer Ingish Producer - John Roach Projects

Kait's biggest strength is the way her eye for visual detail influences her reporting. I am especially impressed with her ability to shoot and report at the same time, and her comfort with multimedia approaches to storytelling.

Michael Mirer Managing Editor - Madison Commons

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kait. Both her still photography and videography work exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.

Curt Bjurlin Managing Director at Futpong

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